woman wearing brown shirt carrying black leather bag on front of library books


woman wearing brown shirt carrying black leather bag on front of library books
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Test format

In IELTS, there are four papers: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. There are two different IELTS modules: Academic and General Training. The Speaking and Listening tests are the same in both modules, but the Reading and Writing tests are different.

What’s in the exam

Listening 40 questionesapprox 30 minutes (plus 10 minutes transfer time )
Reading40 questions 60 minutes
Writing 2 tasks 60 minutes
Speaking 3 parts 11-14 minutes

Tips to score band 9+ in Ilets

  • P for PLANNING

This is also called brainstorming, where you come up with as many ideas related to the
topic as possible. For example, if you get a question related to public cleanliness and its impact, think of all the points you can and list them .

  • O for organising

After making a list of points, you need to decide which topics you want to Keep points you think are logical and well connected to the topic and something you can give an example about .

  • W for writing

If you are attempting Writing Task 1 for the General Training test, aim for a min. of 3-4 paragraphs
• If you are doing Task 1 for the Academic module, write a minimum of 2-3 paragraphs
For Task 2 for both the test modules, try to stretch to 4 paragraphs

  • E for Evaluate

Understand what the question requires. To do that, see if your response addresses the question You must check the question and your response during the test

  • R for review

After you have finished your writing task, remember to give it a final review
check for spelling , grammar or other mistakes .

-remove or add whatever you think is necessary .

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